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ATOM 3D Printer


Atom 3D 印表機是設計師的好夥伴。有時在紙上無法感受實際做出來的樣子,還在修正階段不想花時間金錢成本下去之前,就可以透過 3D 列表機快速打樣成型。其實3D 印表機早在 1980 年代就已經出現,產出在正式開模大量生產之前所製造的樣品,用於校驗最終設計是否有問題。而近年來因為許多設計師或小型研發公司的需要,3D 印表機的製廠開始將過去價位高不可攀的機器化成消費者桌上那台小小的機器。讓更多人能夠接觸到以往工業技術源頭的器材。由於開發的廠商越來越多,價格越趨親民,不只是設計師,包含一些一般的民眾也會購入成為休閒的小玩具。


A designer can not be without Atom 3D printer. When we do not know if the design is good to go, a 3D printer is the best helper to see if the design needs to be modified. Acutually the birth of 3D printers has begun in 1980s', to be used in the factories. In recent years, it finally became like a personal device since there are many designers and small offices having the needs and the suppliers started making smaller ones that are affordable.Not just designers, general people sometimes purchase 3D printers and play it at home. It is just fun to play!

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