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活字印 - 金萱套組 / Letterpress Stamp set - Jinxuan type

活字印 - 金萱套組 -「一個超乎你想像的新型印章」



Letterpress Stamp set - Jinxuan type 

- "A new type of stamp that beyonds your imagination"

Product No. 003 [Letterpress Stamp] is a pocket-type stamp that can be typesetted by yourself. It is automatically flipping, light and portable, and stamped whenever you want. It can be typesetted with the traditional typeface/PT plastic type/JinXuan type, and allows you to easily understand the mirroring principle of letterpress, turning what you want to say into actual text.



關於一間印刷行 / About aletterpress:


By infusing modern take and design, the traditional craftsmanship has been regenerated and shown in various facets with more possibilities. Adding a touch of vintage soul into the beautiful design.


尺寸 / Size:

活字印 / Letterpress Stamp:6 x 4.5 x 10 cm
金萱塑活字 - 大寫A / JinXuan type - uppercase A:3 x 11 x 14 cm
金萱塑活字 - 小寫a / JinXuan type - lowercase a:3 x 11 x 14 cm 
材質 / Material :回收塑膠製 / Made of recycled plastic
款式 / Style:金萱套組 / JinXuan type 

1,480  TWD 

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