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法式條紋帆布托特包 / Striped Canvas Tote Bag

57N jeans


加厚 16 盎司帆布,包型更挺,耐用更佳。另外還有貼心加長揹帶,讓上肩更容易,背著更舒適;內附特製內袋,給錢包&零錢&證件鑰匙,甚至手機都有位置擺放。還有包口附拉鍊設計,拉起來背更安心,不用怕東西掉出。

The design theme of the tote bag is “French navy stripe,”  to highlight the classic French fashion style. The pattern is designed in navy/white stripes with relevant proportion, to create the tone of being relax and free. As for the production, we commissioned local canvas manufacturer—GuangFuHao—to have the bag handmade for the purpose of “containing a day of work and leisure life,” with the capacity for more personal stuff, even a denim jacket.


The extra thick 16oz canvas makes the bag more upright and durable; plus the adjustable strap, functional inside bag, and the bag zipper, all designed for the guaranteed experience of convenience, comfort and safety.


面料 / Fabric:採用台灣製造 16 盎司特厚帆布,布料硬挺,耐用度更高 / 16oz canvas, made in Taiwan.

樣式 / Style:雙面印刷,深藍條紋,呈現出品牌法式簡約風格 / two-sided print, navy striped

尺寸 / Size37 (W) x 41 (H) x bottom 8 (W) cm

揹帶 / Strap:加長 60 公分,台灣製織帶 / extra length 60cm, made in Taiwan

拉鍊 / Zipper:YKK 拉鍊 / YKK

附內袋 / Inside bag:19 (W) x 14 (H) cm (含袋上品牌小旗標與品牌標)/ 19 (W) x 14 (H) cm with brand label

960  TWD

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