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布邊牛仔褲 / Selvedge raw denim

57N jeans

57 是 5 呎 7 吋 (170 公分),N 是數學的自然數 Natural Number。57N 代表「所有身高 5 呎 7 吋以下的人」。57N jeans 是專為所有 5 呎 7 吋以下的牛仔褲愛好者設計的丹寧品牌。有別於常見美式風格以及日本復刻風格品牌牛仔褲,57N jeans 想呈現的是歐洲法式丹寧,優雅簡約設計 風格。從開始品牌風格定位,我們與台灣巴黎兩地工作的時尚設計師&插畫家 Jocelyn Kao 合作,請她設計 57N jeans 的 Logo 與品牌圖案。

57N jeans的第一款原色布邊牛仔褲名字叫 grand 1, 取名自 法文的"高",代表穿上後能顯高。布料是牛仔褲最重要的基礎。為了打造心中理想高級牛仔褲,我們選用日本丹寧布大廠:KAIHARA 布邊布 ( Japanese Kaihara selvedge denim ),作為 grand 1 的基礎。grand 1 褲型是我們親自試穿過各品牌,多次測量,試穿比較後,最後選出了3款「最能拉高身型,合身修飾身材」品牌:Nudie jeans , A.P.C 和 Uniqlo 褲型,做為原始版型參考。對於身高不高的人,最適合的版型是屬於稍窄的 Slim Fit,小直筒。褲管寬度介於一般品牌 Slim Fit 和 Skinny Fit 之間。低腰前檔,保留大腿空間,服貼不緊繃;小腿合身修長,穿上能明顯拉長腿部線條,達到修飾身型且顯高的視覺效果。

褲長長度上,只提供L30 (76cm) 褲長。不需修改,褲管優雅俐落,無多餘堆積。對於身高 5 呎 5 吋(165 公分)以下的,追加推出 L28 (71cm)褲長規格,更貼近 57N 對象的身型需求。 

57 signifies the height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), N as natural number in mathematics.“57N” represents “all the people who are under 5 ft 7 in.”

“57N jeans” is a denim brand that specially designed for all the jeans lovers under 5 ft 7 in.

Different from regular American or Japanese retro denim brands, 57N jeans joins European-French simple and elegant design style. From the early stage of the establishment of the brand style, we worked with fashion designer and illustrator Jocelyn Kao, who locates in both Taiwan and Paris, to create the logo and patterns for 57N jeans.The first product is raw and selvedge denim “grand 1,” named after French word “grand,” which means “tall,” to highlight the design of the jeans is to make the user looks taller. The foundation of “grand 1” is the Japanese Kaihara selvedge denim, which is famous for its high quality.


“grand 1” is refined from the merits that we learned from 3 brands: Nudie jeans, A.P.C, and Uniqlo, whose denim jeans are “figure flattering and make the wearers look taller.” For short people, the best style could be Silm Fit, which is in between the Silm Fit and Skinny Fit style of regular brands, with low waist, more space in thigh area, and right size in lower leg area. The style is carefully designed to help wearers look taller and slim.

As for the length, we only provide L30 (76cm), to save customers from the trouble of cutting or folding the jeans legs, and to make them looks sharp and elegant. For people who are under 5 ft 5 in (165cm), we have extra option of L28 (71cm), to satisfy more customers with diverse figures.


材質 / Material:13 盎司日本Kaihara赤耳布邊布、100 % 純棉 / Japanese Kaihara Raw Selvedge Denim, 13oz,100 % cotton

特色 / Features:小直筒合身剪裁,稍窄褲管、低腰褲檔、3 釦金屬排釦、義大利認證頂級植鞣牛皮皮標、12 盎司厚斜紋口袋布 / slim Fit – well-fitting, fit leg, low waist, 3 buttonfly, vegetable tanning leather, certified in Italy, 12 oz thick twill fabric for pocket

褲長 / Leg length : L30 ( 76 cm ) / L28 ( 71 cm )

3,790  TWD

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