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晚上的海3/4襪 / Pacific at night 3/4
晚上的海3/4襪 / Pacific at night 3/4
森林鐵路1又1/4 / forest railway 1 and 1/4
森林鐵路1又1/4 / forest railway 1 and 1/4
拉卡拉卡3/4襪-搖晃/Lakalaka 3/4-sway
拉卡拉卡3/4襪-輕快/Lakalaka 3/4-briskly
四物農樂1:1-雲啊雨啊 / Samulnori 1:1-thunder
四物農樂1:1襪-雷 / Samulnori 1:1-thunder
四物農樂1:1襪-風 / Samulnori 1:1-gale
紅目鰱3/4襪-寶石/red bigeye 3/4-gemstone
紅目鰱3/4襪-貓霧仔光/red bigeye 3/4-dawn
客家八音 1:1襪 / hak-kâ pat-yîm 1:1 socks
因紐特鼓舞3/4襪 海豹皮/Aya-ya 3/4 socks qisik

+10 襪子 / +10 socks

2012 年末創立於台灣的襪子品牌 +10。 ​

「不管你擁有的是什麼樣的宇宙觀,對生活上的小細節用心,就能把以自己為中心的世界活的更寬闊。 」因此開始把美好的想像和優良的品質帶進生活用品當中。 ​

常以大自然的現象和風景作為創作主題,品牌發展的主要特色為材質豐富的變化度,從新銳設計師與傳統織襪產業不斷進行的實驗當中,打開隱藏在海島冒險精神當中的玩心,而航至世界。 ​

About +10 


Established in Taiwan at the end of 2012. ​

“No matter what kind of Cosmology you believe in, paying more attention to the details in our daily lives can irrigate our world and make it deeper and wider.”

- +10’s ethos ​

+10 bring imagination and superb quality into our everyday goods. Nature and sceneries are our creative inspiration. Combined with cutting-edge design and constant experiments in the traditional socks industry, +10 uses a rich variety of materials to open up your adventurous spirits and playful hearts to the world. 


材質 / Material:Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Lycra

250~280 TWD

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