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What is
Play Design Hotel ?

Play Design Hotel is a legally registered hotel of 5 rooms. We are the intersection of two industries: Design and Hotel industry. We are a platform that connects local designers to International market and foreign visitors to local design culture.

Our rooms are furnished by Taiwan designer's works - from lamps, chairs, tables, cups, to bathroom supplies, to make the hotel more than a place to stay for the night. It's your way to knowing Taiwan contemporary design.

What Play Design Hotel also is ?

Play Design Hotel is an experimental platform operated by practitioners from design and publishing industries. Conceptually we see designer's works as contents for publication. What different is that Play Design Hotel is a 3-dimensional publication where people bodily immerse inside and experience the content physically, not just reading them. Such concept innovation transforms the hotel into an experimental platform which could be comprehended as different thing from different angle. 

Inhabitable Gallery Shop 


Play Design Hotel is also an Inhabitable Gallery Shop where selected Taiwan design works can not only be showcased to the visitors, but to be stayed over night with. The works can be physically touched, used, and experienced. You will be amazed to learn how unique and good quality Taiwan design could be. And, of course, you can buy and take them home directly after your stay. 

Living Lab 


Play Design Hotel is also a Living Lab that brings design lovers, designers and design works altogether to exchange ideas and data. Combined with hotel operations, we thus can collect qualitative / quantitative data from travellers with different personas regarding their opinions or feelings toward local design works. It's a field for designers or researchers to discover design opportunities and experiment on prototypes to acquire feedback from both potential and real users. 

Design Tourism Center 


Play Design Hotel is also a Design Tourism CenterIt is design-lovers' starting point to learn about local design works, events, exhibitions, and/or design select shops. With the facilitation of information design, such as our original design tourism map or digital travel calendar, people stay in Play Design Hotel can enjoy a meaningful design-themed travel experience without the need to plan in advance. 

Taiwan Design Knowledge Base 


Play Design Hotel is also a Taiwan Design Knowledge BaseWe collaborate with more than 80 local designers/design brands. You can find most of their works in Play Design Hotel. What connects behind these designers and brands are huge resources to design-related knowledge, and a network of local factories, workshops, manufacturers, materials, and technologies.

Design Incubator 


Play Design Hotel is also a Design Incubator. Some local designers find their product entrepreneurial path within Play Design Hotel. They find design opportunities, make the product scenario film, have their prototype evaluated, and final product exhibited and sold, all in the Play Design Hotel. In other words, people staying in Play Design Hotel are luckily to have the chance to be among the first to experience some beta-versioned or unpublished works done by local designers. 

Design Business Hub


Play Design Hotel is also a Design Business Hub. Whether you are a designer, a buyer, an invester, a business person, a manufacturer, an entrepreneur, or a design student, you can possibily find your partner, collaborator, or client in Play Design Hotel. We see ourselves as a platform, therefore we really love to introduce any kind of business opportunities to local designers and to see international collaboration happens. 

Design Narrative Space 


Play Design Hotel is also a Design Narrative Space. The interior architectonics of the hotel rooms are designed to be flexible to set various furniture and design items. The rooms can be easily reconfigured into different settings for different home living and lifestylish scenarios by composing of different furniture items. It's a perfect space to shoot contextual films to demonstrate design scenarios in a domestic living environment. 

What Play Design Hotel is not ?

Play Design Hotel is not a grand hotel with fully facilities and functions. We have no swimming pool, no conference room, no restaurant, and no lobby. We only have 5 rooms of diferent themed experiences and a small half-day reception offering housekeeping service and information inquries in the day time. 


Play Design Hotel is not a design select shop that charges commission from its collaborated brands / designers. How we see design works is like the way publishing industry treat their contents. We select design works based on our strict criteria and there is no way for commission trade. 


Play Design Hotel is not suitable for people just looking for an economic priced hotel to sleep. We want people to stay in Play Design Hotel to experience and enjoy the furniture items and design works in the room and be respectful to them. 

Play Design Hotel is not suitable for people under age 12, and it is not a smoking-permitted place. We work hard on keeping furniture and design works in good condition to bring the best experience of them to visitors.  


Combo washer dryer in every room

5-star-hotel-level  mattress



Bathroom fan heater

Bluetooth Speaker

Exclusive Wi-Fi

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