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一心二葉沏茶組 / Two Leaves Teapot Set

點睛設計 / Dot Design



One-tip two-leaf is the most delicate part of the tea leaf. The tip brings out the taste, where, the two-leaf is the source of the tea aroma. The design of this tea set is based on essence of the One-tip Two Leaf tea. The tea cups are in shapes of bamboo and the One-tip Two-leaf shape was cleverly presented on the tea pot itself, Enjoy the warm and delicate tea tasting with this tea set. 


材質 / Material:瓷、竹、木 / ceramics,bamboo,wood

內容物 / content:一壺二杯 / a teapot and two cups

尺寸 / Size:9.5 (L) x 9.5 (W) x 14 (H) cm

2,200  TWD

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